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Top Three Study Abroad Photos Announced

The votes are in and the Fall 2012 Study Abroad Photo Contest has come to a close. More than a third of McCombs students study abroad, so our students have abundant opportunities to photograph their international experiences. The photos submitted for the contest showcased trips to Switzerland, Norway, Laos, Scotland, and beyond. Students explored castles and temples, trekked across mountaintops and through forests, and experienced remarkable encounters with elephants and tigers.

First Place

Arti Bhatia, a Plan II Honors and MPA student, earned first place with an image titled “The City of Red Roofs,” taken this summer when she was in Prague studying at The University of Economics. Bhatia captured the city’s breathtaking skyline of red roofs and interesting architecture while visiting Prague Castle. 

“After studying abroad in Prague I realized why people told me that it’s one of the most beautiful cities in Europe,” Bhatia said.

McCombs Photo Contest City of Red Roofs Arti Bhatia

Second Place

“The Amazing Garden of Life” by Megan Cain, an undergraduate senior majoring in Management Information Systems, came in second. Cain photographed the ornate landscaping at the Gardens at the Palace of Versailles while studying abroad at Hautes Etudes Commerciales in Paris.

“While life at home seems like a maze, my companions taught me to stop, take a moment, and really appreciate the palace view of the gardens,” said Cain.

Garden of Life Megan Cain McCombs Photo Contest

Third Place 

While spending a semester at Universite Catholique de Louvain in Belgium, Kelly Vu, an undergraduate senior majoring in Management Information Systems, captured her image titled “Taken By Trees.” Vu and her friends were en route to an abandoned 19th-centruy castle near Dinat, Belgium, when—after two train rides and an extensive hike—they stumbled upon this magnificent forest.

“We discreetly climbed through the forest from the highway, making sure no passing cars spotted us, for we read that trespassers would be shot by guards,” Vu said.

McComb Photo Contest Taken By Trees Kelly Vu

Check out all the other photos submitted in the BBA Study Abroad Photo Contest and read about student travel adventures on the BBA Study Abroad Blog.



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