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Career Webinar: "The Elevator Pitch is Dead: Enter the Era of the 30-Second Sales Hook" with Wendy Nolin

In this webinar, Wendy Nolin teaches you how to transform your tired, worn out elevator pitch into a compelling conversation starter that will have your listener asking for more. She talks about behavioral patterns that people are stuck in in their daily lives. She also discusses the origin, and the importance of a brief and genuine sales hook which is better than an elevator pitch. Sales hooks are used to differentiate yourself. The ultimate goal is to have a game of verbal ping pong with the listener. This is a conversation that involves communication from both ends, a monologue. The sales hook has different components, the first is using a story which requires the KLT formula (know, like and trust formula) to create a relationship with who you are speaking to. The second hook is asking a question. Listen to Wendy Nolin's webinar today!


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