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Accounting Department No. 1 Eighth Year Running

Text: No. 1 Accounting Undergraduate, Graduate, Doctoral

The accounting program at the McCombs School of Business has once again been named the nation's best.

For the eighth consecutive year, McCombs took a clean sweep in accounting, earning the No. 1 spots for its undergraduate, master's, and Ph.D. programs in the 2017 Public Accounting Report (PAR) Annual Professors Survey. McCombs also topped the list of the most admired accounting programs in the country.

This marks the 13th time in 16 years that McCombs took first place across all three of the PAR categories.

The PAR annual survey is the only one in which accounting faculty (rather than deans or students) rank the best accounting programs in the nation.

Robert Freeman, chairman of the Accounting Department, credits McCombs faculty, staff, and students for their dedication to excellence in accounting education. "We really appreciate it when national rankings like the PAR recognize and congratulate us for the hard work," he says. "We hope to extend this legacy for future generations."

Most Admired Accounting Program: No. 1

For the first time, PAR officials asked accounting faculty to name the U.S. college or university that they most admired overall for accounting (excluding their current employers and any schools they attended).

McCombs took first place.  Brigham Young University and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign took second and third, respectively.

Undergraduate Ranking: No. 1

For 26 years in a row, McCombs has placed first or second in this ranking.  Second place whent to the school's only undergraduate rival, Illinois, followed by BYU in third.

Master's Ranking: No. 1

McCombs has led the nation at the master's level in 23 out of the past 24 surveys.  Illinois and BYU took second and third place, respectively.

This trio of schools so frequently dominates the rankings at the undergraduate and master's level that PAR editors refer to them as the "perennial top three."

Doctoral Ranking: No. 1

McCombs has landed among the top four doctoral accounting programs since 1994 and has now taken the No. 1 spot nine years in a row.  McCombs ranks above Illinois (No. 2), the University of Chicago (No. 3), Stanford (No. 4), and Michigan (No. 5).

About the Public Accounting Report

The PAR is billed as "the independent newsletter of the accouting profession since 1978." Nearly 1,000 professors across nearly 200 U.S. institutions participated in the 2017 assessment.

For the three program levels, faculty participants are asked to rank five accounting programs at U.S. colleges and universities that "consistently turn out graduates who are capable of becoming accounting firm partners in the future."

For more information, see our ranking methodology.

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