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MBA Reunion 2017 Attendee List

Reunion 2017 - Classes of '87, '92, '97, '02, '07, and '12

Sept. 8-9, 2017


Class of 1987
John Bass
Ronnie Bieler
Cheryl Moore
Preston Moore
Ken Parekh
Adrienne Pulido
Rosemary Rogers
John VanVlack
Rosemary Rogers

Class of 1992
Todd Ebert
Ernesto Escobedo
Tess Hawes
Sherry Manno Yeaman
Yet Mui
Jim Sandoval
Mark Batchelor
Mike Carter
David Ellingwood
Michael Kramer
Rajesh Sood

Class of 1997
Caryn Abraham
Stephanie Brendel
Bob Feiner
Disa Mason
Andrew McCaig
Joel Miller
Sharon Pfaff
Tracy Sahn
Pascal Villiger
Tom Carter
Jim Hu


Class of 2002
Oscar Cunliffe
Timothy Koch
Jim Bohart

Class of 2007
Adriana Berroca
Scott Bryan
Johnny Chang
Claudia Davila
Emily Dreyer
Matthew Jaruzel
Karen Ratcliff
Wesley Rogers
Ian Swiergol
Marilu Zelaya
Jesse Atkinson
Ravi Thomas
Marilu Zelaya
Sharon Zhang

Class of 2012
Oksana Janson
Melissa Lally
Allen Logue
Solu Nwanze
Chantal Pittman
Nobu Yamaguchi
Natalie Barnard
Nestor Caceres
Chris Despain
Guilherme Sessa


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