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Faculty Bragging Rights: Award Winners, Best Article Recipients, and More

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McCombs School of Business faculty members are known — and recognized — for their excellence as both teachers and researchers.

In this edition of Bragging Rights, we highlight McCombs faculty members' most recent accomplishments, including school research and teaching award winners, awards for best research articles, a teaching academy inductee, a top-10 faculty member, and a distinguished high school alumnus.

McCombs Faculty Award Winners

 Andrew Gershoff with Dean Jay Hartzell

In late April, the school honored members of the McCombs faculty for their excellence in research and teaching. For research, Cesare Fracassi, assistant professor of Finance, and Timothy Werner, assistant professor of Business, Government and Society, each received a CBA Foundations Research Excellence Award for Assistant Professors. Ethan Burris, associate professor of Management, earned the Research Excellence Award for Associate Professors. John Hatfield, associate professor of Finance, and James Scott, associate professor of IROM, were both given an Award for Research Excellence. Anant Balakrishnan, professor of IROM, won the Career Award for Outstanding Research Contributions.

For classroom work, Andrew Gershoff, professor of Marketing was recognized with the Joe D. Beasley Teaching Excellence Award. Terri Holbrook, lecturer in Accounting, and Doug Morrice, professor of Information, Risk, and Operations Management, each earned a Hank & Mary Harkins Foundation Award for Effective Teaching in Undergraduate Classes. Wen Wen, assistant professor of IROM, and Werner were honored with a Trammell/CBA Foundation Teaching Award for Assistant Professors. Xinying Hao, Ph.D. candidate in Marketing, and Changseung Yoo, Ph.D. candidate in IROM, were both given a Fred Moore Assistant Instructor Award for Teaching Excellence. Janet Dukerich, professor of Management, won the Fawn & Vijay Mahajan Teaching Award for Executive Education. Luis Martins, department chair and professor of Management, earned the Jim Nolen Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching. Ramesh Rao, professor of Finance, was given an Excellence in Education Award.

Best Article Awards

Utai Pitaktong, Jing Ai, Linda Golden, and Patrick Brockett

A paper by Linda Golden, professor of Marketing and Business, Government, and Society, Patrick Brockett, professor of IROM, Jing Ai, Ph.D. '08, and Utai Pitaktong, Ph.D. '93, won the 2015 Spencer L. Kimball Writing Award from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. The paper "How to Set Rates If You Must: An Efficiency-Based Methodology for Setting Promulgated Insurance Rates with an Application to Title Insurance" was recognized as "a strong piece of academic research as well as an important public policy paper,” in the letter sent to the recipients. “We all were very honored and appreciative to be recognized for impactful research," says Golden. "We were happy to have reached one goal of long-time researchers — to develop scientific inquiry relevant to public policy issues via Application Driven Theory" (defined as organizing scientific research to address practical business or public policy issues).

Additionally, Golden, Brockett, Ai, and IC2 Bureau of Business Research Director Bruce Kellison won the North American Actuarial Journal's annual prize for most outstanding journal article of 2016 for "Empirical Evidence on the Use of Credit Scoring for Predicting Insurance Losses with Psycho-social and Biochemical Explanations." "I am delighted this paper was recognized for integrating contributions from behavioral science, statistics, actuarial science, and finance," Brockett says.

Teaching Academy Inductee

Academy of Distinguished Teachers award

Kumar Muthuraman, professor of IROM, was inducted into the prestigious Academy of Distinguished Teachers at The University of Texas at Austin. Muthuraman is among six inductees selected by a committee including faculty members, students, and university administrators. "Prof. Muthuraman's selection for this prestigious award demonstrates how much his teaching is admired and respected," says David Laude, senior vice provost for strategic initiatives. "It is an honor to have faculty members like him on our campus who contribute so much to enhance the experience of our undergraduate students." Academy members advise the president and provost on topics related to the university's instructional mission, take part in seminars, colloquia, and workshops on teaching effectiveness, and act as mentors to new faculty.

Top-10 Faculty Member

Clint Tuttle photo by Matt Wright-Steel

Clint Tuttle, lecturer in IROM, made the Alcalde's Texas 10 this year. The University of Texas at Austin's alumni magazine's annual list recognizes readers' favorite 10 faculty. The McCombs BBA '03 grad initially took a consulting job, but a volunteer experience teaching work skills at women's shelters inspired him to leave the corporate world. He's been teaching at McCombs ever since. "Tuttle likes to use the example of his own career shift as a way of easing students' anxieties about not having it all figured out," the Alcalde says. He's also known for ending the semester with in-class song parodies, such as Justin Bieber's "Love Yourself" reimagined as "Learn Excel."

Distinguished High School Alumnus  

Herb Miller accepting his award

Herb Miller, senior lecturer in Marketing, was recognized at an awards dinner on May 16 as a distinguished alumnus of Hamden High School in Connecticut. At the annual dinner, the Hamden Education Foundation recognizes graduates who are accomplished in their profession and have demonstrated extraordinary civic and/or humanitarian service to the community. Miller, from the class of 1964, was chosen using a holistic scoring process that considered his experience in both the corporate world with IBM and in academia at UT, community service, and awards, including his 2014 selection to the Alcalde's Texas 10 list of the university's most talented and inspiring faculty.


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