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Kevin Yu: Hitting the Right Note

By India Ogazi

Kevin Yu

Nearly four years ago, Kevin Yu, BBA '00 and a violinist for the Las Colinas Symphony in Irving, Texas, was performing a major symphony lasting more than an hour and a half. When he came off stage, he was drenched in sweat, uncomfortable, and feeling stifled in his tuxedo. "I immediately thought, there's got to be a better way," he says.

Yu was right, and his solution is a breakthrough approach to formal wear. His company, Coregami, creates comfortable, moisture-wicking tuxedo shirts for classical musicians. A major departure from the traditional, stiff tuxedo attire, which hasn't been reconceived in a century, Yu's ergonomically designed, stretchable shirts are made from athletic fabrics. His product has gained the attention of musicians and media worldwide.

Yu, an MIS major who has worked in the high-tech and energy industries, spent six months researching his formal-wear solution before getting his breakthrough at a meeting with a fabric supplier in Los Angeles. The supplier was so impressed with Yu's idea that he gave him sample fabrics and a list of credible designers.

Today, Yu's shirts are worn by musicians in more than 50 top orchestras around the world. He plans to expand his line by adding comfortable bow ties, breathable vests, pants with elastic waists, and jackets with real pockets, in addition to a functional women's line.

"You don't have to be uncomfortable in a suit or a tuxedo or a tie," explains Yu. "I simply wanted to solve a personal problem."

From the spring 2017 issue of McCombs, the magazine for alumni and friends of the McCombs School of Business.


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