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Faculty Bragging Rights: Fellows Group Inductee, Grant Recipient, and Tech Leader

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The professors who fill classrooms at the McCombs School of Business are some of the greatest business minds the world has to offer. This week in Bragging Rights, we take a moment to boast about our faculty. From being inducted as an academic fellow, receiving recognition as an emerging scholar, leading the community in information technology, receiving a National Science Foundation grant, and winning awards for papers on employee voice and retirement investing, the McCombs faculty is incredibly impressive.

Management Fellows Group Inductee

David HarrisonManagement Professor David Harrison was inducted into the Academy of Management (AOM) Fellows Group. Harrison was among seven prestigious scholars to be elected. The Fellows Group recognizes those who have made significant contributions to the science and practice of management. With over 18,000 members across 100 countries, Harrison is among the less than 1 percent of AOM members elected to the Fellows Group.

Emerging Scholar Award Winner

Ram RanganathanAssistant Management Professor Ram Ranganathan won the 2016 Past Chairs Emerging Scholar Award from the Academy of Management's Technology and Innovation Management (TIM) Division. The award is highly competitive and can only be obtained by someone within five years of receiving their Ph.D. It recognizes an emerging scholar who has already demonstrated a substantial publication record and whose scholarly contributions show exceptional quality and great promise of future influence in the area of technology and innovation management.

Tech Leadership

Ben BentzinMarketing Lecturer Ben Bentzin received the 2016 Technology Community Leadership Award in November from the Austin chapter of the Society for Information Management. Bentzin is the CEO of Interactive Health Technologies LLC, which offers a program for K-12 physical education that includes the use of wrist-based heart rate monitor technology and fitness management software that correlates student health data with academic success. "I was particularly touched by this award because it is given so infrequently, only six times in the last 18 years," says Bentzin. "The award was meaningful for me because it represents recognition for the confluence of two of my passions: our Austin community and technology." 

Grant Recipient

Luis Martins TeachingManagement Professor and Department Chair Luis Martins and his fellow researchers were awarded a $278,359 grant from the National Science Foundation to study how students' identities and early experiences encourage the pursuit of an engineering career. Martins, who is also entrepreneurship programs director at McCombs, says the project takes what researchers learned about how people form professional identities, including studying differences in gender and ethnicity, and applies it in a new way to improve early outreach to underrepresented groups. "With rapid technological change transforming a variety of industries," Martins says, "attracting a broad range of smart people to the engineering profession is critical to our competitiveness."

Leadership in Research

Ethan BurrisEthan Burris, an associate professor of management, and David Harrison, were awarded the Best Leadership Paper Award by the Ian O. Ihnatowycz Institute for Leadership. The annual award is given to scholarly articles published in top-tier journals that demonstrate the most impact three years after it is published. Co-authored with two professors from the University of Virginia and Boston College, their 2013 paper, "Voice Flows to and Around Leaders: Understanding When Units Are Helped or Hurt By Employee Voice," studied the ways employee voice "flowing" through the workplace may affect change — positively or negatively.

Special Distinction

Keith BrownFinance Professor Keith Brown earned the Special Distinction award from the Journal of Investment Management as a part of the Harry M. Markowitz awards. He and his fellow author, W. V. Harlow of Empower Retirement, won the award for their paper "Market Risk, Mortality Risk, and Sustainable Retirement Asset Allocation: A Downside Risk Perspective" which addresses optimal asset allocation for retirement investors by concentrating on retirement funding shortfalls.


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