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Students Select McCombs' Best Professors for 2013

Dean Thomas Gilligan, McCombs School of BusinessThere are numerous interwoven qualities defining the McCombs School of Business as an institution—none more important than the learning relationship between student and teacher. When speaking to alumni and donors, I'm impressed by the fact that warm memories of the school are almost always connected to individual teachers who have significantly impacted the lives and careers of those in their classrooms.

It speaks to the prestige of this public university that we have attracted some of our nation's most accomplished and adept business faculty. (McCombs recently placed No. 3 for best professors in the 2014 Princeton Review of business schools).

The Undergraduate Business Council and the Undergraduate Program Office recently named 13 of our faculty members to the Fall 2013 Faculty Honor Roll. To be considered, professors must obtain top scores on a student-completed course instructor survey.

According to McCombs students, a great professor is knowledgeable, passionate, and dedicated to preparing students for life after college. They also captivate their classrooms, attend student events, and have around-the-clock office hours.

Which professors took top honors? This semester's Honor Roll faculty includes:

  • Dean Bredeson
  • Susan Broniarczyk
  • Jade DeKinder
  • Gail Gemberling
  • Greg Hallman
  • Prabhudev Konana
  • Shun-Yang Lee
  • Kyle Lewis
  • David Miller
  • Fran Pedersen
  • Robert Prentice
  • Janet Riekenberg
  • Garrett Sonnier

I'm pleased that this representative cadre of superlative teachers includes a strong mix of both lecturers and professors, including Shun-Yang Lee, a PhD student teaching for the first time. Surely this speaks to our success as we seek to engender a new generation of teaching excellence, not only at McCombs but also at elite universities around the world.

It is proper that we recognize, value, and reward those who rise to the top as educators of the first class, teaching with heart, mind, and soul. Please join me in congratulating these role models in higher education.

The slideshow below describes what makes each of these teachers worthy of honor.


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