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Commencement Spotlight: Francisco Loredo, MPA

Francisco Laredo, Texas MPA Class of 2013Accounting was part of Francisco Loredo's life before he really even knew what it was. When he was a child in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico, his family had small businesses and he would help them keep track of revenue.

The business gene may have been passed down from his grandmother. He remembers her running her own newspaper stand when he was very young.

“She didn’t go to school,” says Loredo, who’s known around McCombs as “Frankie.” “She was homeschooled a couple of years, but still she was very wise, just from life itself. She knew how to do math perfectly.”

Her grandson isn’t too bad at it, either. After he receives his integrated MPA, Loredo will move to Dallas to work as an auditor for Ernst & Young.

At McCombs, Loredo has made his mark as a mentor for other students — carrying on another family tradition.

“I appreciate the selflessness my parents and grandparents have had,” he says, remembering their encouragement to pursue any career he wanted and to venture wherever his dreams took him.  “And I would like to be that way, too.” 

McCombs Class of 2013One of the ways he’s served other students is through the Hispanic Business Student Association. He first heard about the group when he was a high school student in Brownsville starting to explore his interest in accounting.

When he got to McCombs, he joined the association, which became his “home away from home.”

“Eventually, I started taking bigger leadership roles,” he says. This year, he served as treasurer for HBSA, which was named UT's Most Outstanding Organization, UT's Best Professional Organization, and McCombs’ Most Outstanding Organization.

In HBSA, he discovered a knack for event planning through organizing events such as Company Night and Scoring Careers. He relishes wrangling all of the details, from posters to nametags, that go into a successful event.

Loredo got more opportunities to work on events as a career consultant assistant in the MPA Program Office. One of his big projects there was pulling together lots of information to create the MPA planner, a daily companion for students in the program.

Francisco Laredo, Texas MPA Class of 2013His work with HBSA and MPA Career Services made him a go-to guy when other students needed advice.

“I’ve helped my peers with resume reviews, interview questions that they have, and just advice on recruiting,” he says.

He has a knack for helping other students plan out their MPA path, making sure they are able to pack in everything they want to accomplish, from internships to studying abroad, before their target graduation date. Loredo managed to complete his own integrated MPA one semester sooner than the standard five-year timeline.

His top tip for younger students? Start early in exploring career possibilities and building ties with possible employers. He recommends volunteering at career events to make personal connections with recruiters.

“They’re going to remember you because you helped them,” he says.

Loredo wants to keep using the mentoring and event-planning skills he built at McCombs after graduation. He especially wants to work with leukemia charities. His grandmother passed away a few weeks ago from the disease. As his family gathers for commencement, he said would still feel the presence of the woman who shared his talent for math and devotion to helping others.

“Helping others reach their goals and their full potential is a way of leaving a legacy.”

MPA at a glance

Students graduating: 190

Latest rankings: Public Accounting Report – Graduate Level, No. 1. U.S. News & World Report – Graduate Specialty Rankings (Accounting):  No. 1.

Did you know? McCombs and the Master of Professional Accounting program have partnered with the Ernst & Young Foundation to create the Ernst & Young Accounting Ambassadors Program to attract under-represented minority students to accounting and help them succeed.


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