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Recommended Reading - Spring 2013

From the spring 2013 issue of OPEN, the McCombs School of Business magazine.

Crisis management and innovation stand alongside a collection of historical entries in the latest roundup of faculty and alumni books.


Frank Cross bookThe Failed Promise of Originalism by Frank Cross, professor in the Department of Business, Government and Society, discusses the originalist theory of constitutional interpretation and how its practice affects the American judicial system today, positively or—as his research more often finds— negatively.

Ed Anderson bookEdward Anderson, associate professor of operations management, added Innovation Butterfly: Managing Emergent Opportunities and Risks During Distributed Innovation (Understanding Complex Systems) to his collection of more than 25 published works. The book, coauthored by Boston University professor Nitin Joglekar, discusses the causes of minor, unforeseen changes called “innovation butterflies,” within a management system and the necessary but difficult task of controlling their effect.

Daniel Laufer bookThe crisis management research of Daniel Laufer, MBA ’94, Ph.D. ’02, was included in Interdisciplinary Approaches to Product Design, Innovation, and Branding in International Marketing, edited by Scott Swann and Shaoming Zou. Laufer’s chapter is titled “How Should a Global Brand Manager Respond to an Ambiguous Product Harm Crisis?” and proposes a framework for how companies should respond when their product causes harm.

Shudde Fath bookShudde Bess Bryson Fath, BBA ’37, published her compilation of World War II-era letters, photos, and press releases from the Bastrop Advertiser newspaper in The Greatest Generation: As Reported in the Weekly Bastrop Advertiser During World War II. Her daughter, Betsy Fath Hiller, acted as co-compiler.

David Hetherington bookSystematic Martini Lifestyle, written by David Hetherington, MBA ’03, and his wife, Tomoko Hetherington, is a guide to formal entertainment for young men. The book teaches readers how to plan and host cocktail parties and other formal gatherings, as well as how to employ those social skills in the business world.

Steven Fenberg bookSteven Fenberg, BBA ’75, published the biography Unprecedented Power: Jesse Jones, Capitalism, and the Common Good. Jones was a Houston entrepreneur who served as the chairman of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation under President Franklin Roosevelt, playing a key role in guiding the country out of the Great Depression.

Shannon Johnson bookShannon (Dorsey) Johnson, BBA ’93, published her first book, Found in Black Texiana. The book is a collection of her own contemporary poetry, recipes, letters, and stories of her experiences as an African-American, Texan woman with roots in Louisiana.  

William Cunningham bookThe Texas Way: Money, Power, Politics, and Ambition at The University, William Cunningham looks back on his seven years as president of UT Austin and eight years as chancellor of the UT System. Cunningham, professor of marketing, saw the demise of the Southwest Conference and the creation of the Big 12, among other significant developments, during his leadership tenure.


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