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April Fools: Business Cat Joining McCombs

UPDATE: Visit our Facebook page to download our enormeowsly popular Facebook cover photo featuring Business Cat in front of the McCombs School building. 

Business Cat joins University of Texas McCombs School of Business

Inspired by Grumpy Cat’s recent star turn at SXSW Interactive (even landing an interview with Steve Forbes), and in an effort to respond to market demand and emerging trends, the McCombs School of Business is pleased to announce the country’s first ever feline-in-residence, Business Cat.

His residency begins today, April 1, 2013.

Business Cat, the popular Internet meme turned publishing magnate, spoke about his appointment yesterday in a news conference that was briefly interrupted when a bird flew by outside.

Business Cat joins University of Texas McCombs School of Business“McCombs really rolled out the red carpet for me,” Business Cat said, “and I immediately clawed it up.”

He hinted at innovative new programs he plans to implement during his residency, such as a multi-disciplinary degree in Laser Pointer Chasing, the TVL (Tender Vittles Lab) startup competition, and the BHP (Bossing Humans Program).

“What are people really thinking about at work? Cat videos,” said Arthur Allert, assistant dean for undergraduate programs and a noted cat fancier. “Felines are the category killer in web content and social media, and we wanted to bring that thought leadership to McCombs.”

Business Cat said he will also use his residency to gauge interest in Cat University, a niche higher education initiative he is considering launching under the umbrella of a host institution like McCombs. He is particularly interested in tapping faculty expertise.

Cat University

“McCombs professors have some of the brightest business minds in the country” Business Cat said. “I’ll be working with them to monetize hairballs, trace the housing market meltdown directly to dogs, and prove that cats sitting on keyboards increases productivity.”

In order to recruit Business Cat to the school, McCombs brought on amenities like locally sourced catnip and private paper bags and cardboard boxes for office space, said Dean Allert, adding that the school also considered Keyboard Cat, Kittens Riding a Roomba, and various LOLCats for the position.

Cat memes UT business school

“I’m honored by this appointment, and thrilled by the McCombs School’s commitment to diversity and serving this underrepresented demographic,” said Business Cat. “The enthusiasm around the school is incredible.”

After a brief pause to bat at a visitor’s shoelaces, he continued: “You walk by classrooms and you can almost hear the purring.”

Texas Means Business Cat


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