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Texas MBA Retains Top-20 Spot in 2014 U.S. News Rankings

McCombs Texas MBA US News Ranking Top Business school

The McCombs School of Business full-time MBA Program once again took 17th place in the nation in the 2014 edition of U.S. News and World Report’s (USN) survey of Best Graduate Schools.

Even for a ranking known to be low in volatility, this year’s list was remarkably stable. Harvard and Stanford again tied for first place, and Wharton again took third. McCombs has ranked 17th for three years in a row and has garnered top-20 status in 19 out of the last 20 years.

Three business specialties again landed in the top 10:

• Accounting – 1 (Seventh year in a row, and 21st year in a row to be in the top five)
• Information Systems – 3 (21st year in a row to be in the top five)
• Entrepreneurship – 7 (17th year in a row to be in the top 10)

Only four public schools placed higher than McCombs: Berkeley (7), Virginia (12) and UCLA and Michigan (both tied at 14).

The MBA rankings are calculated by combining evaluations from business school deans and program chairs, recruiter assessment, admissions data, and salary and job placement figures. Specialty rankings are determined entirely by assessment from deans and program chairs.

Part-Time MBA Holding Strong at Seventh

In the part-time MBA rankings, McCombs tied for seventh for the fourth year in a row. The part-time MBA programs at McCombs are the Texas Evening MBA, the Texas MBA at Houston and the Texas MBA at Dallas/Ft. Worth. Berkeley and Chicago took first and second place, respectively.

USN’s part-time ranking methodology has been evolving over recent years, but currently is based half on evaluations from deans and directors and half on a combination of student GMAT average, undergraduate GPA, and work experience among other factors.

Executive MBA Continues Top-20 Status

Echoing the Texas MBA rank, the Texas Executive MBA program also hit no. 17 in a tie with MIT. Wharton and Chicago came in first and second, respectively. U.S. News includes executive programs in its specialty rankings, which are determined completely by peer assessment.

Complete Specialty Rankings

Few schools in the nation can muster the breadth of coverage in the business specialty rankings as McCombs:

• Accounting: 1
• Information Systems: 3
• Entrepreneurship: 7
• Production / Operations: 11
• Marketing: 11
• Finance: 14
• Supply Chain / Logistics: 17
• Management: 18
• International: 19

Pulling top-20 status across nine of the 10 specialties, McCombs is on a par with Harvard, MIT, Columbia, and Berkeley. The only schools that round out all 10 are Wharton, Stanford, and Michigan.

For more information, see our Rankings FAQ and methodologies for U.S. News’ full-time MBA survey, part-time MBA survey, EMBA survey and specialty rankings.

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