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Forecast 2013: McCombs Marketing Department

While winter weather plagues the rest of the country, the forecast is looking bright and sunny for the McCombs Marketing Department. We sat down with Wayne Hoyer, marketing department chair, and Lamar Johnson, director for the Center for Customer Insight and Marketing Solutions, to see what's blossoming in 2013.

What’s new on the horizon at McComWayne Hoyer Marketing Department Chair McCombs Business UTbs?

WH: Right now, there's a team of MBA students managing the Yoo-hoo brand. We're taking this project a step further, cultivating our relationship with Dr Pepper, and launching the Dr Pepper Snapple Marketing Labs program. We also have other companies interested in participating, including Dell. This semester, two students will be managing part of Dell's social media business.

LJ: Dell has developed a proprietary social media tool, and the students will have a two-part project. The first step is to develop expertise of this tool and drive usage by familiarizing internal employees. The second step is to perform market-related assessments to potentially monetize this tool and launch it externally.

WH: We're also very excited to announce that we're bringing in Rob Malcolm, executive-in-residence, who will officially start this fall. Malcolm has 24 years of experience as a marketing executive at Proctor & Gamble; he's also former president of marketing, sales, and innovation at Diageo, the world's largest premium alcoholic beverages company, and he's been teaching marketing classes at the Wharton Business School.

In 2013, we will build on what we already have and continue to grow our program. Malcolm is one of the foremost marketing experts in the world, and he's right here at our doorstep. He's a great person for students to get to know.

What can students expect?Lamar Johnson director CCIMS McCombs

LJ: Every fall semester, Marketing Fellows, a group of about 20 of our star students, are exclusively part of a customer strategy class in which C-level executives bring in live cases to discuss with the students. This spring we're bringing in New Balance, Walmart, AT&T, and Diageo.

WH: It's an innovative class of executive mini cases; every week we have two executives come in to talk about a problem and the students come up with possible solutions. Students are exposed to high-level executives from the marketing world across a wide variety of businesses. Last semester, we brought in Kimberly-Clark, DC Entertainment, Frito Lay, and Circuit of the Americas (Formula 1). With Malcolm coming in, we hope to achieve more.

WH: The McCombs Marketing Conference takes place on Feb. 21 and 22 and is open to all McCombs students. Our last conference was a huge success, and this event provides a great intersection between students and faculty.

LJ: The topic at this year's conference is "Entrepreneurial Marketing Mindset" and includes keynote addresses from Ross Martin, executive vice president at Viacom Media Networks, and Michelle Buck, senior vice president and chief growth officer at The Hershey Co.

Who does this impact and how do students find out more?

LJ: The focus of these programs is to add experiential learning opportunities for our students, which aligns with the Dean's Strategic Objectives.

Marketing Fellows has a website, which can be accessed directly or through the CCIMS website; it gives all of the information on how to apply and what the requirements are.

WH: Marketing Fellows go through an elaborate selection process. Applicants must first fill out an application and then interview with our current Marketing Fellows. The existing fellows are looking for leaders and people who best represent marketing at McCombs.

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