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22-Year-Old Alumna Speaks on Closing Night of Democratic National Convention

"Buenas noches, democratas!"

That's how Alejandra Salinas, BBA '12, kicked off her speech in front of thousands on Thursday night at the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C. Salinas, who is president of the College Democrats of America, spoke on the same night as President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, as well as numerous members of Congress, governors, mayors and Hollywood A-listers.

When she was a junior at McCombs, Politics Daily named her one of Five Rising Stars Age 25 and Under.

"My name is Alejandra Salinas, a native of Laredo, a proud, recent graduate of the University of Texas, and on my way to law school at Boston College," Salinas told the crowd.

She spoke about her perspective as a young, gay Latina and the struggles she and classmates experienced finding jobs after the 2008 financial collapse. Salinas also used her time to rally young voters.

“Some people say young people aren’t excited about this election, that it isn’t about us. But the decisions made over the next four years will affect us more than anyone.”

She went on to say, "We know exactly where we’re going. Forward, not backward. We’re going to register voters, knock on doors, turn out the vote, and on Nov. 6 reelect our true champion, President Barack Obama.”

Watch the full speech below:



#1 So proud of her! Go

So proud of her! Go Democrats!

#2 She went to the wrong

She went to the wrong convention. Our convention was last week.

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