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Photo Gallery: Summer at McCombs

O's is closed. The hallways are eerily quiet. And it's really really hot outside. We explore the mysterious and little-seen moments of summertime life at McCombs.

melted bike tire

Technically this is a flat tire on an abandoned bike, but with temperatures soaring over 100 degrees, it just seems like the sidewalk is hot enough to melt rubber.

UT Tower

Of course the UT Tower will never wilt. The summer sun even lends it an almost burnt orange hue.

dog wearing shoes

Summer footwear for Fido.

event bulletin board

During the fall and spring semesters, this event board is covered with fliers, but summer brings a ... slower pace.

UT orientation

Experienced campus drivers know to look out for massive groups of incoming freshmen, wandering campus and getting ready to start their (hopefully no more than 4-year) college careers.

McCombs Future Executive Academy

While most McCombs students are gone for the summer, you will see high-schoolers in our building, attending various summer camps to learn about business and get a head start on college. One attendee from the McCombs Future Executive Academy shared this collage of some downtime goofing off.

University of Texas fountain

Even the fountains get a summer break.

Gregory Gym pool

Ok, so these fountains don't get a break. Summer relaxing at the Gregory Gym pool, from supply chain student Jerry Chang.

McCombs Ford Career Center

Can a career center feel lonely? We hope not.

McCombs School of Business escalators

If students were here to ride them, they would be happy to know the escalators are running smoothly. For now.

Fire drill

100-degree weather isn't exactly ideal for a fire drill, but McCombs saw two in three days. Luckily the firefighters (note the Bevo logo on the back of the truck) and safety offiicals took care of business quickly.

Shopping cart as grill

This shot comes from a McCombs "campus" abroad. Students on lecturer Michael Hasler's supply chain management study abroad trip to China put their operations skills to good use by improvising an unorthodox shopping-cart-as-grill solution for their 4th of July BBQ. "Texans just won’t let the lack of a grill get in the way of a good BBQ," says Hasler, who--in partnership with the Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER)--takes operations management students to China each summer to track Target's supply chain in person.

Texas MPA study abroad Paris

Another Summer at McCombs dispatch from abroad: MPA students Alden Bass (left) and Jennifer Jassawalla met the U.S. Ambassador to France while studying in Paris through CIBER. They were attending a U.S. Embassy event for American students, organized by the Paris Texas Exes chapter. Les Hook 'em Horns.

McCombs study abroad in Scotland

And one more McCombs "campus" from abroad, just becuase we couldn't resist the sight of flowing water and green grass. This photo comes to us from finance student Tanner King, posing with fellow McCombs students on the Isle of Sky. The group is studying in Edinburgh, Scotland through a CIBER program.
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