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Poll: What's the Hardest Class at McCombs?

Confused manWhether you're cramming for finals, days away from graduating, or haven't been on campus in years, you'll always remember the class that drove you crazy and kept you up late studying.

Relive the glory (horror?) days and tell us about it in the comments.

And if you're a current student, break is over--get back to the books!


#1 The official name for MIS

The official name for MIS 333K is Web Application Development.



#3 Yeah, that's definitely not

Yeah, that's definitely not it. Business is a joke

#4 Can someone share the course

Can someone share the course name of MIS 333K? We'd love to know more!


Cory Leahy, editor

#5 MIS 333K... but it was also

MIS 333K... but it was also the best experience! McCombs has awesome classes & great teachers. Whoever submitted #9 must have not selected a very challenging major, or taken their time to earn a degree. The college experience is what you make of it and you need to look for and be excited about tough classes in order to get the most out of your studies there.

#6 Whatever...accounting was

Whatever...accounting was easy. It had to be Operations Management.

#7 Definitely one or all of the

Definitely one or all of the entrepreneurship classes!! Accounting is easy in comparison.

#8 Any accounting class, doesn't

Any accounting class, doesn't matter if undergrad or graduate.

#9 Definitely International

Definitely International business in the MBA evening program.

#10 or maybe its cause mccombs is

or maybe its cause mccombs is the hardest school to get into at UT so the students are smarter and more hard working

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