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McCombs #1 Across the Board in 2011 Accounting Rankings

foam fingerUpholding the school's reputation as one of the nation’s leading accounting programs, for the seventh time in 10 years McCombs ranks number one across all three of the 2011 undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. rankings of the Public Accounting Report (PAR) Annual Professors Survey.

Undergraduate Ranking: 1
For 20 years in a row, McCombs has placed either first or second in this ranking. Second place goes to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, followed by Brigham Young University in third.

Graduate Ranking: 1
McCombs nails the top spot at the graduate (masters) level in 17 out of the past 18 surveys. Echoing the undergraduate slate, Illinois and BYU take second and third place, respectively.

Doctoral Ranking: 1
McCombs has landed among the top four doctoral programs since 1994, and has now taken the number-one spot eight times in the past decade. Currently we stand above Stanford (2), University of Chicago (3), Michigan (4) and Wharton (5).

Top Dog, All Bias Aside

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the survey, PAR officials tried something new this year. Acknowledging that the larger a school’s faculty, the more voting opportunities it has, survey administrators wanted to see what would happen if they removed the votes of faculty who awarded their own schools the number one slot.

McCombs' position in this bias-adjusted ranking: number one across all three rankings again. While some changes occurred below us—notably, the University of Mississippi landed in the top five for all three levels—it is clear that McCombs’ top position receives broad support in the community.

“We are honored to be held in such high esteem by our academic colleagues across the country,” says Accounting Department Chair Lillian Mills.

About the Public Accounting Report

The PAR is billed as “the independent newsletter of the accounting profession since 1978.” For the undergraduate and graduate rankings, professors are asked to rank programs at American colleges and universities on a 1 to 10 scale on the single question, “Which programs consistently turn out students capable of some day attaining partner status?”

In the doctoral rankings, professors are asked to name the programs they most regard for turning out accounting professors. For unstated reasons the PAR did not divide the doctoral survey into teaching and research, as it did for the past two surveys in which McCombs placed first in both categories in both years.

The number of participants in this year’s survey (officially published Dec. 16, 2011) was not released, but recently the tally has exceeded a thousand, surpassing 1,700 in 2010. For more information, see our Ranking Methodology.

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#1 It all starts with the top

It all starts with the top accounting colleges and graduate programs for accounting. There are many factors in these rankings. The Vault Accounting 50 is compiled using a weighted formula that reflects the issues accounting professionals care most about, combining quality of life rankings (such as culture, satisfaction, hours and compensation) with overall prestige. Congratulations on your 2011 Ranking, best of luck in 2012. -Rachel

#2 Good ranking! continue like

Good ranking! continue like this! nice to see McCombs first!

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