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UT Business Education a "Best Buy" for 90,000 Texas Alumni

We live in a world of instant marketing comparisons, thanks to ready availability of comparable data on every purchase we make, from the coffee we drink to the e-books we download. One would not expect prospective b-school students to be any less informed, so allow me to share how The University of Texas at Austin shapes up as a competitive choice for careful education “shoppers.”

Why Reputation Matters

We announced this month that the McCombs School continues to be accredited in business and accounting by AACSB International, the preeminent global accrediting body for business schools. Gaining accreditation is not a cakewalk by any means. Of 607 schools of business, less than 5 percent worldwide have this hallmark of excellence.

Accreditation means that an employer, a business partner or a client will know that a graduate of our school has been exposed to a curriculum and learning experience that is comprehensive, rigorous and consistently applied; and that these standards will endure not just for this year, or this decade, but for generations. In a world in which the average lifespan of a corporation is measured in a decade or two, a public university must be able to innovate within a framework of academic integrity for many lifetimes.

It means something to graduate from The University of Texas at Austin, and it will mean something when your great-grandchild earns a UT diploma as well.

One of the Best Undergraduate Values in the Nation

We hear a lot of discussion about the high cost of education. Did you know that McCombs is one of the best values in the nation among elite undergraduate business schools?

Among the schools that rank in the top 20 in both Bloomberg Businessweek (BBW) and U.S. News and World Report (USN), McCombs has the third-highest return on investment (ROI) based on the most recent tuition and median starting salaries published in these rankings. In other words, looking at what they pay in tuition compared to their starting salaries, McCombs students get one of the best educational values available.

McCombs has one of the least expensive tuitions among elite undergraduate business schools. Of the top-20 undergrad programs ranked by BBW (2011), only one public school outranks us at a lower price. Small wonder our undergraduate business program at McCombs received more than 7,000 applications for 800 spaces this year.

The Second Best MBA Value Among Public Schools

McCombs is also one of the best values in the nation among elite MBA programs. Forbes magazine ranks McCombs as the 11th best graduate business program in the country, with the 2nd best return on investment (ROI) among top public MBA programs. We are also one of the best values in the nation among elite executive MBA programs. The Wall Street Journal ranks our EMBA program no. 12 in the nation. Out of 25 ranked programs, we have the third-lowest tuition.


In the new Poets & Quants for Executives website, directed at EMBA students, McCombs ranks ninth out of 50 schools for best North American Executive MBA programs. John Byrne, former editor of BusinessWeek who runs the site and who launched BW’s famous MBA rankings more than 20 years ago, mentions McCombs’ bargain price.

“To find a high-ranked school offering one of these executive MBAs for under six-figures, you have to reach down to the No. 9th ranked University of Texas at Austin which has an EMBA…less than half the cost of either Wharton program.”

Our accounting program (ranked No. 1 in the nation) and our highly esteemed graduate degree in technology commercialization are similarly power-packed education values.

What We Do Well

I’m a realist who understands there is room for improvement. Our strategic plan calls for dramatic innovations to help us achieve our core purpose of transforming lives for the benefit of society.

But I make no apologies for our intent or our efforts, and I invite you to compare us to the best in the world. We’re offering a globally competitive business education to the students of Texas and elsewhere (ours is one of the largest programs in existence) on a public university budget.

Within the limitations of the resources under which we operate, I’m proud of both the excellence we’ve achieved and the real-world value we’ve provided in the lives of approximately 90,000 sharp consumers we’re proud to call our alumni.


#1 I'm curious to find out how

I'm curious to find out how Forbes calculated their ROI for top MBA programs. I hope that this MBA program will soon be available online.

#2 "We announced this month that

"We announced this month that the McCombs School continues to be accredited in business and accounting by AACSB International" Is this still working the same way? I am compiling info about education in Texas and would like to confirm it, since is important for my project, I heard on a presentation that AACSB International wants to leave that agreement. Thanks in advance

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