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Preview of Hot Business Topics from McCombs Faculty

Laura StarksThe Annual Alumni Business Conference is back by popular demand and attendees are eager to hear big ideas for 2011 from McCombs faculty. The recurring theme is “Hot Topics in Business” and that is just what alumni will hear. 

“Have a disciplined approach to investing, especially with your retirement account,” says Laura Starks, finance department chair. She will caution attendees about market variations, popular but questionable investment products and behavioral influences.

Eli CoxMetaphors are often useful for understanding important business concepts and Marketing Professor Eli Cox will use a timely one.  “The sports metaphor for business helps us understand why there is so much government regulation,” says Cox. 

McCombs alumnus Lamar Johnson spent 33 years in sales, marketing and supply chain roles and recently retired from Procter & Gamble. He is now heading up these efforts for the business school. “The McCombs marketing and supply chain centers are building partnerships with industry to enhance the student experience and enable further faculty research,” says Johnson who will share these exciting results with alumni at the conference.

Hear these ideas and more at the conference Feb. 24-25, 2011.


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