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Texas Enterprise Reaches Out to Business-Savvy Audience

By Dean Tom Gilligan

The substantial business assets within the university are rarely exposed to the outside world, but that’s about to change. I’m pleased to announce the birth of Texas Enterprise, an online publication discussing Big Ideas in Business from The University of Texas at Austin.

TexasEnterprise.orgOur McCombs School strategy team determined in 2009 that few outside our faculty members, students and a handful of alumni were tapping into the robust business resources available here. As a strategic priority, we set out to make it easier for people outside our academic environment to access the business insights, consequential knowledge, and public policy discussions thriving at the university. Texas Enterprise (TxE) is designed to share these “aha! moments” with an ever-growing audience that turns to the Internet for news and insights on business and world issues.

For a get-acquainted introduction to TxE, I suggest you begin with Steve Brooks’ series on Greed. Drawing on the research of seven McCombs professors, this brisk journey moves from Adam Smith’s free-market classic The Wealth of Nations to modern-day ethical dilemmas found everywhere, from Wall Street to the mortgage industry and CEO compensation. This series gives a glimpse of the possibilities when we throw open our academic doors and invite the world to join us in exploring and shaping current leadership realities.

Texas Enterprise was born within the business school, but it draws on reasoned voices from across the entire university. See the report Pollution Abatement Spending by J. Bruce Kellison from the Bureau of Business Research at IC2, on a study demonstrating that pollution abatement measures taken by corporations positively impact profitability. Kellison is just one of many contributors from across the university who will regularly share their perspectives with Texas Enterprise readers.

Equally impressive is the participation of a growing list of TxE Contributors drawn from professional experts, such as Jon Mertz, who recently wrote on the power of data to transform your experience in the doctor’s office and the price you (and society) pay for health care. Mertz writes as a business professional and an alumnus of McCombs. I’m very pleased to see us tapping the knowledge resources of our alumni and colleagues around the world, creating a collaborative network with exciting potential for driving economic, social, and cultural progress.

I know…that’s a tall order of business. Let’s focus first on enjoying the discussion and sharing useful information along the way.

Take a moment to subscribe to Texas Enterprise, find a line of discussion that interests you, and determine how and where you would like to contribute. TxE promises Big Ideas that are fresh, relevant to your professional life, and anchored in a university community that welcomes your participation.


#1 Texas Enterprise sounds like

Texas Enterprise sounds like a terrific contribution to the business world! As a Longhorn myself it is nice to see things like this coming out of the school.

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