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Access McCombs is a signature series from the McCombs Alumni Network that features exclusive conversations in various cities between Dean Tom Gilligan and legendary corporate executives. Subscribe in the iTunes store to view past events and receive future video updates as they are released.

Past events include:

Southwest Airlines Dallas, TX

Topics: corporate culture, economic challenges, security, marketing values, the Morris merger, lessons from 9/11

  • Herb Kelleher, Founder and Chairman Emeritus
  • Gary Kelly, BBA ’77, Executive Chairman of the Board, President and CEO
  • Colleen Barrett, President Emeritus
  • Bill Cunningham, Non-Executive Chairman of the Board and Professor James L. Bayless Chair for Free Enterprise at the McCombs School

Red McCombs San Antonio, TX

Topics: keys to success, building leaders, the economy, the auto industry, work/life balance, philanthropy


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