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Titman at UT Energy Forum: Markets Punished Deep-Water Drilling-Related Companies After Spill

The challenges associated with the Gulf oil spill brought together some top academic minds for discussion and analysis recently at The University of Texas at Austin. The public forum, "Oil in Troubled Waters," explored potential liabilities and consequences for companies involved, as well as and environmental concerns.  Panelist Sheridan Titman, the executive director of the Energy Management and Innovation Center at McCombs and a professor of finance, explained how stock price fluctuations over the past month have suggested that the financial markets, rather than focusing on oil companies in general, have singled out those companies related to the spill or who have similar investments in deep-water drilling for stock value 'punishment'--a topic he has also blogged about. However, Titman added, "I don't think we're going to decide we don't permanently want to drill in deep water...The question is whether we are going to drill now or if we are going to drill later." --> -->Read more about the Forum:
  • From the Austin American Statesman - UT academics talk about effect of Gulf oil spill - May 18, 2010
  • From KUT Radio - UT Panel Analyzes BP Oil Spill - May 18, 2010
  • From News 8 Austin - UT petroleum experts to study consequences of oil spill - May 18, 2010


#1 That seems like a thin smoke

That seems like a thin smoke screen. Suddenly we are to believe the market is morally judgemental. Hardly. It is still driven by either fear or greed and obviously the fear of losing their investment in BP and the other reckless oil companies that is driving the sell off. It appears that too few believe that the industry will be subjected to well deserved increased regulations and accountability If only consumers could see how their excessive oil consumption motivated this disaster.

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