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Machinima Revolution [The Film Business]

Video games and film-making collide in the realm of Machinima, an emerging medium dominated by the cult web series Red Vs. Blue. Series creator Burnie Burns pulls back the curtain for a look inside this brave new world where producers can reach their audiences directly.


#1 Roosterteeth made the

Roosterteeth made the funniest Halo "Red v. Blue" was one of the best fantasy film ever!

#2 my favorite part is when

my favorite part is when Burns says, "...we're gonna see everybody's story that they want to tell, because there's gonna be no barrier for them to stop and say, 'I cant do this, maybe I'll do it next year.'" I know exactly what he means. For example, in a machinima film that I'm working on now, there's one sequence that I envisioned as being only 3 shots because I assumed it would be so difficult. It ended up being a whole 1.5 minute sequence where we were able to achieve everything we imagined. The result was our first battle sequence! We were actually able to do MORE than we wanted to do. So far, we've still encountered no limits.

#3 I've been watching these guys

I've been watching these guys since day one. Love everything they do which includes RvB, RT Shorts, etc. They do a lot ...and considering where this all started from for them that is quite amazing.

#4 Can't believe this is the

Can't believe this is the last season of Red vs. Blue :(

#5 Rooster Teeth really is the

Rooster Teeth really is the Number One at what they do. and in there latest season they have REALLY raised the bar and begun using custom animation to further enhance the experience. RvB has been around 5-6 years and lets face it.. how many things can go THIS long without becoming dry and or boring. the original StarGate series "StarGate SG-1" lasted 10 years and some say that it simply lost its kick after the first 3-4 years. let me just say... you keep making vidoes.. you keep raising that bar.. and dont let anyone or anything stop you from doing what you love

#6 I love Red vs. Blue and the

I love Red vs. Blue and the Rooster Teeth guys, but what they do is one of a kind. I have searched for a machinima series as good as theirs, and I have yet to find one even close to it. What machinima needs is more creative minds. There is so much potential unreached out there.

#7 Wait... they read the

Wait... they read the comments?? In that case, I'll make sure to comment more! I've been a fan since season 2 (my friend had episodes on his XBox and brought it over to show us), and I was in love ever since I dang-near died from "THIS! DOESN'T SEEM! PHYSICALLY! POSSIBLE!" (kinda a funny-scary point where you're laughing so hard, you can't force your body to breathe, and you start to black out...)

#8 @Professor86 The only RT

@Professor86 The only RT staff member to have served in the military is Geoff Ramsey, AFAIK. He voices Grif. He was a photographer in Kuwait some years back.

#9 Been a Fan since oct of 04.

Been a Fan since oct of 04. Thanks for the motivation and inspiration. You guys never disappoint and continue to amaze. Thank you for continuing to motivate me with learning the aspects of film to achieve a higher goal in life. Decepticon

#10 Damn it. I spelled it wrong

Damn it. I spelled it wrong too. Sorry Burnie.

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