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MBA Focus: Top 5 Reasons to Join & FAQs

Starting immediately, McCombs alumni will be able to market themselves to thousands of potential employers in a new way and at no cost. McCombs has partnered with MBA Focus, a firm that connects elite global MBA students and alumni with the world's leading corporations.

Create a profile and upload your resume today by clicking here!

Here are five reasons you should join this exclusive network today:

  1. Quick, Easy & Free! Only takes a few minutes to post your resume and create a profile – and its completely free of charge.
  2. Confidential! Enter your information confidentially and passively search for jobs.
  3. Find Your Dream Job with Big Name Companies! Get hired by one of 2500+ recruiters from more than 60 countries, including Fortune 500 companies and big-name MBA employers like Amazon, Boston Consulting Group, Ernst & Young and JP Morgan. Over 1800 other MBA hiring firms order resumes and post jobs through MBA Focus on an annual basis.
  4. Get Discovered! Individual resumes are viewed at least 50 times annually on average, and occasionally up to 1500 times per candidate.
  5. World’s Most Exclusive MBA Recruitment Network! Only the world’s elite MBAs and alumni from the world’s top b-schools can join.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Create A Profile?
The McCombs Alumni Resume Database will connect you with the world’s leading firms, who seek out experienced MBAs for their top leadership positions. When you add your profile, you market your skills and industry knowledge to hiring managers around the world.

Can I Remain Confidential?
Yes, by selecting the confidentiality option, your resume and contact information cannot be viewed by corporate recruiters. When your credentials match their search criteria, they will send a blind email describing their firm and the opportunity. You can choose whether to respond.

How Often Should I Update My Resume and Profile?
You may update your profile and resume/CV as often as you like.

Who Is Eligible To Participate?
The MBA Focus resume database service is exclusive to only the top-tier MBA students and alumni.

Is There A Fee?
It is completely free of charge.

Who Will Have Access to My Resume?
The McCombs Alumni Resume Database is exclusively available to top global firms like those listed at the bottom of this page.

What Companies Will Be Using This Service?
Global firms will be using this service to find candidates for their top management, director and executive level positions. Current subscribers include Fortune 500 companies, and the leading firms within the Banking, Investment, Consulting, Technology, Consumer Products and Retail Industries.

How Can Recruiting Firms Participate?
Each company is reviewed and approved by our career services staff prior to gaining access. This ensures that the companies who have access to these resumes are only firms who are suitable MBA employers.


#1 I love this. I am thinking

I love this. I am thinking about the program and I just may be interested in it. I run a blog part time here: gratuit Ebook so I think something in the marketing sector would be great for me. Thank you very much for the detailed post.

#2 To login to MBA Focus, click

To login to MBA Focus, click on "Create a New Account" (above User Name). You should be able to create a username and password (it's not linked to your EID, but you could probably set it up that way if the information isn't already taken). Feel free to email if you have any questions.

#3 I have been trying to login

I have been trying to login to MBAFocus using my UTEID and Passwood and have been unsuccessful. Would appreciate any help you can provide.

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