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Anderson Earns NSF Grant to Study iPhone, Xbox

Edward Anderson Jr., associate professor in the Department of Information, Risk, and Operations Management, is one of the leaders in a research group that received more than $700,000 in federal stimulus money from the National Science Foundation to study how innovation unfolds in platforms such as the iPhone. Researchers from Tulane and Boston University will also be taking part in the work. For his research, Anderson will study iPhones, Windows, Adobe Acrobat, Xbox and Wii consoles and many other interactive platforms. According to Anderson, “One of the more exciting examples is the role of energy providers like Austin Energy as they move from a centralized system in which they produce and distribute power to customers into one in which they distribute renewable energy from numerous third-party sources, such as wind farms and solar installations to customers, who also might be providers as well. Other exciting applications include knowledge management systems and virtual worlds.”


#1 wind farms are great but they

wind farms are great but they also take up a large land area.`;

#2 I own an Xbox and a

I own an Xbox and a Playstation and both are really good game consoles. Let's see what are Microsoft's future updgrades on its Xbox game console.:;:

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