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Welcome Back, Students

Today officially marks the beginning of the 2009-10 school year at McCombs (although many of you have already been on campus for a few weeks). Summer offers a nice change of pace, but campus really comes alive when students return and the fall semester gets underway. So welcome back, students! And to those of you who are just getting started here, welcome to the McCombs community. Be sure to check this blog (and your email for our weekly headlines) for event announcements, student news, faculty honors, alumni profiles, school updates and more. In anticipation of your arrival, we asked those who have come before you to share their advice on getting the most out of your McCombs experience. Here are a few more resources you might find useful as you make your way around here: Student and Program Blogs -Texas BBA News -Texas MBAs Talk -Live and Learn: Texas MPA students McCombs in Social Media -Facebook -Twitter -YouTube


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