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Supply Chain Center Honors Scholars, Corporate Sponsors

On February 19, the Supply Chain Management Center of Excellence (SCMC) hosted a day of activities that enabled direct interaction between McCombs students and SCMC corporate sponsors, promoted the supply chain program at McCombs and honored SCMC’s Founding Sponsors and 2008-09 scholarship recipients.

The Supply Chain Management Student Organization (SCMSO) kicked off the day with the Supply Chain Carnival. This student organized, interactive event promoted the undergraduate supply chain major and educated students on career opportunities in supply chain. Almost 200 BBA students participated in carnival games earning tickets for raffle prizes.

SCMC sponsors were invited to send representatives with various backgrounds in supply chain management to run the carnival booths. Accenture, Boeing, Chevron, Frito-Lay, HEB, Procter & Gamble and Shell took advantage of this opportunity to interact with students and promote the value of a supply chain career. Currently in its second year, SCMSO’s mission is to aid the growth of the supply chain program at the McCombs School, as well as to connect supply chain students with industry.

Following the Carnival, a panel of industry representatives discussed key supply chain issues, challenges and career opportunities with the undergraduate and graduate supply chain and operations student groups.The panel consisted of representatives from Accenture, Boeing, Chevron, Energy Alloys, Frito-Lay, HEB, Heinz, Procter & Gamble, Shell and Texas Instruments.

The SCMC Recognition Dinner finished the day as McCombs faculty, staff and students honored SCMC’s Founding Sponsors and 2008-09 undergraduate scholarship recipients. SCMC’s Founding Sponsors are Accenture, AMD, Boeing, Chevron, Dell, Energy Alloys, Frito-Lay, HEB, Procter & Gamble, Shell, Temple-Inland and Texas Instruments. SCMC Scholars

SCMC’s 2008-2009 scholars are Felipe Herrera, Kayla Monus, Lindsey Schmidt, Arjita Shrimali, Jason Skindell and Megan Stephens.

The day was an overwhelming success! The Supply Chain Management Center is thankful for the opportunity to bring sponsors, faculty, students and staff together in a variety of situations. SCMC Carnival SCMC Carnival


#1 Nice work done for the

Nice work done for the graduates & undergraduates. The line up of companies is really good.

#2 Excellent job Diana Busler!

Excellent job Diana Busler!

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