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Ex Temple-Inland CEO Jastrow Places Priority on Higher Education

Kenneth M. Jastrow, II, BBA ’69, MBA ’71 entered the university as a teenager from Midland, Texas, and he left as a sharp businessman with his new bride Susie by his side. His time on campus truly was the life-changing experience that students often seek when they attend college. “Going to UT transformed my life,” says Jastrow, former chairman and CEO of Temple-Inland Inc. and chair of the university’s new $3 billion capital campaign. He says in addition to meeting his wife and developing his business acumen, he made lifelong friends and broadened his worldview. So it’s no surprise he is an ardent advocate for higher education. “Higher education, next to our constitution, is our country’s greatest institution,” Jastrow says. “It is the driver of the future and a better life for all Americans.” That view has fueled Jastrow’s deep involvement with the McCombs School and the university as an alumnus. In addition to chairing the capital campaign, he has served as chairman of the university’s Development Board, the McCombs School’s Advisory Council and Neighborhood Longhorns. He also served as Chair of the Commission of 125, a group that developed an in-depth report of how the university can best serve Texas and society during the next 25 years. He is a member of the McCombs School’s Hall of Fame and is a Distinguished Alumnus of the university.   “I feel it’s my duty to give back to the university, but it’s also a privilege,” Jastrow says. “I’ve said ‘Yes’ every time they’ve asked.” Jastrow says he hopes a broad section of the McCombs School’s enormous alumni network gets involved in the capital campaign, as he believes this is a crucial time to support the university. He cites the university’s diversity, top-flight faculty and intellectually curious students (“They’re much smarter than I was, than I am!” Jastrow says) as key assets. “UT has the opportunity to be the best public university, and the alumni base sees this,” Jastrow says. “This drive to be the best will be a very important part of the university’s legacy.” He adds that students who are transformed by their education go on to create their own change in the world. “It’s not only just about your time as a student, but also it’s what happens when you leave.”


#1 What is UT doing to prepare

What is UT doing to prepare Texas high school students for an education at UT Austin.

#2 Hey Kenny, A voice from your

Hey Kenny, A voice from your past. What a great career you have had. It is always fun to see Midland folks do well. Best regards, Don

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